“We had the pleasure of getting to know Jen through our neighbors as they highly recommended her to us as we were searching for support with our son’s speech concerns. Our son instantly warmed up to Jen and it was very apparent she was gifted at working with young children and addressing his areas of need. She always arrived to our sessions full of energy and prepared with an exciting variety of games, activities, and crafts to keep our son engaged while practicing his sounds. Over the past months, we have noticed improvements with our sons ability to express himself more clearly and confidently with family, peers, and adults. Jen not only provided our little boy with the tools to succeed with his speech but she was supportive in empowering us as the parents to be actively involved in the process. We now have the resources to continue practicing speech language skills with him at home to further along his progress.  It was a joy to welcome Jen into our home and most importantly into our son’s world. Jen connected with our son on a meaningful level to help him grow and become a stronger communicator. Jen’s teachings made a lasting imprint that will continue to serve our son well in his early years and on.”  ~~~ Mindy & David M.

“Jen has been an indispensable guide in our speech therapy journey. We greatly appreciate her child-led focus and value her intuition for meeting our son where he is on any given day and playing to his strengths. She strikes a perfect balance between challenging him to do his best and following his lead to bring about results that we are all very proud of. She has a gift for connecting instantly and genuinely with both children and parents. We are so pleased to have Jen in our lives!” ~~~ Katie M.

“Jen is wonderful with my daughter – speech day is one of her most favorite days of the week! Jen is really masterful in coming up with great activities to get my daughter saying words with the letters/sounds she needs to practice in a way that is so fun for her! What an improvement!” ~~~ Stacia S.